Thursday, July 28, 2016

A present tale of Samerchen

I couldn’t share anything on my blog after I graduated from Paro College of Education. I couldn’t update my blog not because I stopped writing but it’s because of the place where I am situated in. It has no internet access till few months ago. I finally come up with a piece about the community and the school I am placed in. I am working as a Teacher in Samerchen ECR and my parent school is Sinchula Primary School. Please read and enjoy the beauty of Samarchen which falls under Darla geog, Chhukha Dzongkhag.

Before the golden rays of sun reaches on the majestic hillock of Samerchen, the people in the community wakes up and prepares for their daily chores. I revere their style of work and perseverance towards their toiling work. They work like a servant putting their fledging heart into the work and live their life like a mogul.
As an alien to the community I was stunned to see two different kind people speaking two different dialects: a Ngalop and a Lhotsam. Although Samerchen has a blend of two diverse cultures, their identity for the village remains same sharing similar ethos. Asking to the elderly people in the village, they say that it has been a century and 2 decades (120 years) since Drukpa has settled and resided in the village and they say that Lhotsam is pretty new to the village. They have inhabited only from late 1930s.  Though one is old and one is new, they share equal pain and adore a sheer joy together with the rays of Gross National Happiness always blooming from one’s heart. The community has a school instituted to support the future eminent leaders with modern education.
The first rays of sun never forget to brighten up the place reflecting its glory in innocent faces. Then flutters the national flag with the zephyr and weightless. Beneath it stand the proud, young nation builders praying hard for the finest wisdom.
Samerchen ECR (Extended Classroom) is a place where children take their first step towards the world of learning. Apart from crafting and sculpturing the prescribed content in one’s mind, here the children are hovered with varieties of etiquette, values and morals. When the student begin their life’s voyage in the school they pick A-B-C-D and reach the stage where they write beautiful sentences and fly with the wings of achievement to the parents school Sinchula. As a nation builder I feel that this is something to be cherished and treasured.

With an obliging people and a fecund school in the community, I feel that I am in the midst of celestial adobe enjoying every beats and pieces of everyday life in Samerchen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is it fair?

Photo courtesy: Google
When Kinley (name changed) was born her parents cried out of joy and ecstasy. Her parents gave her a colossal love and care making her a complete humane. When she completed her class twelve from one of the schools in Bhutan she qualified for B.Ed (Bachelor in Education) at Paro College of Education. In the year 2011 she entered the heavenly abode with complete hope of transforming herself from a caterpillar to a colourful butterfly. For her to become a proficient and a competent teacher she needs to spend four years in the college. She faced many challenges and murky times to complete her seven semesters (three and half years) but with her determined heart and resolute soul she completed seven semesters without any hurdles.
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Out of five modules in the final semester, four modules were exam oriented and one was course work oriented module. She and her other colleagues were enthralled and excited to challenge the final semester of the course, after all she will be a teacher after the eighth semester. For few months Kinley and her colleagues lived their life with academic dust hovering around making them completely involved with the academic works.
Finally on the second week of November, 2014 she appeared her semester end exam and was dissatisfied with some of the modules. When she came out from examination hall she shared to her colleagues that she would be one who will get resit (back paper) in the particular module. Indeed she was precise about her performance because she got resit in one of the module but at the back of her mind she was not anxious because she knew that, as always the college provides resit exam to those who do not qualify. With ocean of hopes and optimism she went to the college to study and appear the resit exam but when she reached there she heard devastating news. She heard that those who didn't qualify the final semester, they have to appear the resit exam one year later. Hearing the news she nearly fainted and called me and shared the upsetting news.
Kinley came with a colourful hope of becoming a beautiful butterfly from a caterpillar but her hope of becoming a butterfly was collided and she need to wait for another year to clear the paper.
My say
My thoughts can be both erroneous but I am sharing what I feel about the story of my colleagues.
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I think it is not fair for those individuals who didn’t qualify in their final semester for not giving reseat exam like in other semesters. In other semesters if an individual fails to qualify for next semester he/she is given a reseat examination before next semester begins. Those individual who didn’t qualify for RCSC have to wait for a year and see their friends soaring in the education system.
My dear bloggers what is your say on these issues?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life after college

Lushly summer and autumn are gone but still the parched cold winter prevails. My exhilarating and thrilling college life has already come to end but still my hope and aspiration of becoming someone is undying, I am left between the life of cocoon and a butterfly. I see many of my bosoms already in service earning and performing their work with dignity and pride.  I am here without work, without income, without strength withering day by day and waiting anxiously for RCSC’s (Royal Civil Service Commission) exam.
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In our country there are still great thirsts to be slaked with teacher as the schools are in dire need of teacher but on the other hand RCSC’s commits that the entire teacher graduate will not be taken in the education system. If all the teacher graduates are not taken in then where are the remaining’s going to loiter? I pray to get through RCSC’s exam and pay back to my parents whatever they have invested for 17 years long term as a student.
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In the middle of the bridge of life I am swallowing an empty gush of winds and staying in bizarre. Everything appears mundane and humdrum without work and without a title. The only thing I spend my time is to fight with books and enjoy the beauty of learning and the books are keeping me alive.
Life is so tedious without any work and without title.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rays of the world

HM Delivering speech 
Today I am not going to write and share about my life rather I am going to share about what has happened on 13th of September with literary club. I went to witness the programme so called “Rays of the world” in the college dining hall. Rays of the world was about the world prodigious leaders, activist, authors and poets being remembered through different acts. It also included those individuals who made a difference to their own nations.
The participants portrayed the world renounced people by imitating their speech and action. One of the participants spoke exactly like Barack Obama the president of USA.  One of my favourite was an act on Adolf Hitler (The German leader). During Second World War Adolf Hitler was involved with the excessive war around the world with other nations. In that programme the participant wore a dress like Adolf Hitler and he kept the mustache same like how Hitler used to keep. In his speech to the spectator he spoke that he is the modern Adolf Hitler and he is more concern about the environment not with the combat. In his speech he told that he will change Sahara desert into a beautiful lushly forest where the entire tourist around the world will be attracted. We know that Adolf Hitler is potent individual with great supremacy and in the end of his speech he said “I will destroy those individuals who destroy the environment”. My dear bloggers, you weigh the difference between the past Adolf Hitler and the modern Hitler.
Barack Obama sharing his speech
Some of the participants also acted like our King and gave a captivating speech with the same thick voice to the spectator in the hall.
The participants imitated varieties of leader around the world and also within our country. Some of the people who were remembered and acted by the participant are listed below.
Mohandas Karamchan Gandhi in his full swing 
ü Barack Obama-  The President of USA
ü Mohandas Karamchan Gandhi (Freedom, non-violence and fight for right.
ü Pakistani woman called Malala who won world peace prize.
ü Head of Royal Bhutan Police –Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel
ü Sonam Choki – Actress of Bhutan. 
ü Mother Teresa
ü Nicolas Park
ü Charles Chaplin
ü Eminem – King of rapper.
ü Tandin Bidha – Actress of Bhutan
ü Pema Yangki Dolly – Actress of Bhutan
ü Ugyen Pandey – Popular singer in Bhutan.
Ugyen Pandey singing his song
More than being a spectator, I could learn about the leaders of the world who made the world a cozy Earth.  I thank literary club and the organizing group for bringing such a stimulating programme.

And hope my fellow blogger have also enjoyed my lifeless writing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A small vow

1st year in the college
2nd  year  in the college
On 19th March 2011, I strode in this lushly college with a worry carrying in my little mind, a worry of staying without my family and my dearest friends. I was new to this place and everything appeared fresh and new to me. Hostel seemed like dungeon and the academic campus seemed murky. Still then I endured my journey of learning with my eagerly interest.
3rd year in the college
Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and now after staying in this heavenly abode for 3 years 5 months and 15 days, my perspective on this place has transformed to a new butterfly from the cocoon. I gave my greatest zeal on everything that I have encountered and I have adhered to all the erudite lecturers. 
4th year in the college
Right now when I look into my stay in the college I am realizing that I am left with only 2 months and after that I will lose the charm of staying as a student. I will miss the magnificent beauty of the college, the amiable buddies and most vitally my best companion.
I am obliged to all the individuals who have momentously given their precious knowledge in developing me both as a human and humane.
I may not pay back your prodigious efforts but surely I will pay back your efforts to the future eminent youths of Bhutan.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revealing my little secret

Yesterday I went through my little old diary and found an interesting note jotted on my diary. It was about my life’s first kiss and it was written when I was in 1st year. Today I am bestowing my little secret to all my fellow bloggers and to all the avid readers. If we want to keep our memories new and fresh don’t stop writing and today after 3 years I am having my memories because of my little writing. As a learner we should know that the power of writing is boundless and writing has the power to transform your old memories into new fresh ones.
I wrote this article on 28th May, 2011 at 8:45pm in the new hostel room number two.  And here is the article….
Photo courtesy: Google
Today I was blessed with a nonchalant sterile kiss on my lips. People say the first kiss is for first love but for me it was just different. My first kiss was with a comrade in the field of military kisses. When her fresh lips started touching my rim lips I was in complete ecstasy. Indeed her lip was just exquisite. When she was asked to kiss me, my little brownish face was turned into roseate face.
It was hilarious to experience the situation because I blushed like a girl, and I can’t believe that the girl kissed me instead of me kissing the girl. It’s a miracle that has happened to me. Wow!
Experiencing the hostile life of ordinary human being, now I can proudly share to my friends that I also know how to kiss a girl.
Now and then after my life’s first kiss I am falling for her and hope my suspicious love for her is true. I want to share the whole experience to her but my incompetent ability is not allowing me to be a daring confessor.

Friday, February 28, 2014

An area for unbounded learning

Photo by Dawa
Photo by Dawa
I started giving tuition to few students at Dechenchholing starting from 3rd of January, 2014 to 3rd of February, 2014 for the duration of one month. I randomly taught the subjects ranging from English to value education and many more. My tuition was not like others, I focused mostly on teaching the students with friendliness and interactively so that I would be getting the information on what student expects from teachers and with an objective to assist my research paper. Sometimes I organized field trip and went near the river to spent some time and learn the real beauty of nature. I made them write poem and essays on their perspective on natures. We even visited few sacred monasteries like Pangrizampa and other lhakhangs in order to instill the values and realize the precious cultures we have. My teaching included from academics to fun time like dancing and singing. I acted as a friend to my students as most of the students like a teacher who is jollier and mingles with them. They enjoyed my sessions and they even told me to spare Sundays and come to class and study, which indicated a soaring potential with my teaching. The process went on and I saw some improvement in some of the students and I was more encouraged to teach. I feel that my teaching has injected few medicines in the students and I could see students improving their four strands of language (speaking, listening, reading and writing). During one month period of teaching I could practice some of the skills that I have acquired in the college and I could discover some of my own skills to handle children. It really helped me in going with my research module in next semester. Despite teaching I learnt more from my students and it encourages me to teach with my hear and soul together.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unnoticed hero in the heart of city

A man, who is barely in early sixties and doesn't know his identity, is found in the heart of Thimphu city working to a family. When I come in the morning to catch the bus in city bus stand I see him tirelessly working and washing the dishes. Even in the evening when I come back to city busy parking I see the same face with same posture standing and washing away the dishes. He has been taken care by one of the family for more than a decade and in return he has to work to the family who owes a shop from dawn to dusk.  He is a hero who has neither appeared in television nor in papers but today I would like to present him on my blog with abundant pride infront of all my fellow bloggers and readers.
The city bus stand is a place where all the people gathers and goes to their respective destination. With many people coming to the place, I see people taunting and laughing at him as physically he appears like bushman and he is short at his height. Even though he is dumb, he responds with a boundless smile to those people who derris him.

When I was waiting for the bus I saw him working with full devotion. For a while I even forgot to blink as I was deeply in his pure aesthetic work. I tried to call him with various names but I was denied by his silence overriding his concentration to his work.After sometime my bus came and I was forced to sit in the city bus because if I wait outside I will not get the seats to sit. I rushed inside the bus like never before but my mind was still on him. From the bus through the glass I watched him working and expecting a zealous look from him but no matter how much I looked at him there wasn't any sigh from the man.
When I was about to move from that place, he looked at me and gave me a weird smile and waved me off. I was in complete bliss and ecstasy with his magnificent smile.
He is a hero who is unnoticed in this busy world and he leads a good moral and I would like to salute him for his independence even though dumb.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Leafless tree and Friendless heart

Winter appears with prodigious dedication and the leafs on the tree never halts wilting. I can see the tress wearing no leafs which leaves the arid trunks an incomplete tree without leafs. Dry environs and leafless tress makes my heart a friendless soul. Whatever I do, it becomes fruitless and barren without you, whoever I meet it resembles you, I find you as my angel in my reverie and my thoughts are filled with your charismatic face. The reasons behind all this happenings are my true love for you and my heart suffocates in the absence of your aromatic aroma.
If I have a magic eraser I will erase all the dates and directly make February 10th, 2013 skipping all the dates in-between so that I can meet you and have some conversations with you.Even sun cannot brighten my darkness and moon cannot amuse my ideal heart. What I need is your presence with my handholding with yours. I am dying without you and when will these vacation end.
Ah! It really hurts my heart and the bizarre feeling injects me everywhere. I really need you and really want to be with you. Without you, my life is in comatose and no one can help me except you.
Without vacillating I want to sleep in your heart for eternity.
 Love you Kinley

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thank You Note

Dear Father,
Photo courtesy Google
I am humbled to write a note to you after a long time since our departure. Hope you are still watching me from somewhere with your inestimable adoration. I remembered an incident when I was in class in one. Our class teacher had asked us to fill a form which demanded us to write some information about our parent. I knew without any problem, my mother’s information but when I was about to write about you, my hand trembled, I didn’t have any information. When I reached home I started flinging tenacious questions to my Mom. For some time she was completely silent. After few seconds she responded in her melancholic voice that my father was no more in the world. Hearing the devastating news my heart ached and bore a severe wound that would never heal.
Neither can I see you nor hear you but I can feel your presence with my different senses which you gave me as a gift. I have no other means to send this memorandum to you except in prayers so that you can feel my true pent up feelings. When I hear my friends talking about their father, I feel your absence deeply and painfully. Even then I thank you for having me as your son and for giving this beautiful life.
I thank you for guiding me every day with your fondness and staying with me like an inseparable shadow. Even though you are not alive, I seek your help whenever I need to take decisions and you give me the positive energy to take the right decision. Thank you for the helping hand when and your immeasurable blessings. Your love is injected in my heart erasing all my obnoxious defilements. Thank you for giving those siblings whom I am proud of. They are a treasured in my heart of museum.
Photo courtesy Google
When I reminisce the exquisite moment when you used to sing a lullaby to me and when you used to play with, I feel so desperate and anxious to meet you. Whenever I miss you, I look in the sky and try to craft and visualize your charming face in those clouds but your image seems blurred. You had left me when was only three before I could even recognize your face. So, I imagine your face like mine because I am sure we would have resembled.
Lastly, I am sending this letter from this earth to empty sky hoping it will reach your place. Eighteen years without you, a fatherless child as they call me, I have suffered still I feel that you are connected to me. I hope and pray to god that we meet in my next generation and we enjoy a life together as son and father.
Your son,


Saturday, November 9, 2013

4 hours in RTC (Royal Thimphu College)

It was 9th of November, 2013 and 9th convocation was organized by Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) in RTC, Thimphu. More than two thousand graduates from nine colleges who have graduated in the year 2011 and 2012 gathered at RTC football play ground with highly hopes to inject His Majesty’s speech in their life. I along with my two colleagues represented our college. We were enthusiastic to see and hear His Majesty potent speech. At 10:50 am everyone saw His Majesty arriving in chipdrel ceremony and the graduates were graced upon His Majesty’s presence.
Photo courtesy: Google
After the presentation of graduates by Director, Department of Academic Affairs, the dying awaited period was fragmented by His Majesty dominant speech. The bold voice came in everyone’s ear making our ear much more comfortable.
His Majesty congratulated all the graduates for successfully completing their course and thanked all the teachers who played a vigorous role in making them who they are. His Majesty also shared upon the concern he has in preserving the culture and maintaining peace and prosperity in the country. He also added that as a graduate and as an individual we must not quit in whatever we do instead we must continue our journey towards achieving the things. The striking quote that he shared to the entire graduates was “where there is a will there is a way”. We Bhutanese are unique and creative and His Majesty believes in every Bhutanese that we will not take failure as a last option while working. He concluded by wishing the entire graduates a tenacity, clarity of thoughts and stamina of boundless wisdom.

The program ended with flawless cultural items presented by RTC students and a lunch for the entire crowd.

Friday, November 1, 2013

3 PCA - The Paradise Class

A class of paradise with abundance bliss and joy
The mates, bright and enthusiastic learner
A skill of pure hard work born within the hearts
Mellowed fellows always cling to varieties of books
Pupil’s with immeasurable and boundless knowledge
Ever ready to be an epitomized teacher in their future
3 PCA blessed with 33 students.

Colossal Anush with a boundless knowledge,
Wily Bhagi an avid reader,
Gallant Bijay a cyber-scholar,
Fervent Budha an efficacious sportsman,
Amiable Chencho the tallest guy in the class,
Affable Chencho Zangmo the sincere student,
Adoring Korean a nabob in using metaphors while writing,
Loyal Chorten the jovial lady,
Marvelous Darjang the alluring hero,
Elegant Dawa Euden the attraction maker,
Unobtrusive Dawa Tshering the hushed bod,
Splendours Dechen Cena with a modest smile,
Chirpy Dechen Choden an archetypal companion,
Nonchalant Khaw Je the paramour,
Chubby Dechen Tshomo a perfect bosom,
Buoyant Dechen Wangdi the committed guy,
Resilient Dechen Zangmo the gentle spouse,
Enthusiastic Deepak the Grandees of PCA,
Plumpish Dekar Lhamo the great adviser,
Ebullient Deki Wangmo the holy girl,
Bouncy Dema Lhamo the flawless colleague,
Perkish Dema Yangzom the snowist snowwoman,
Captivating Dorji Pelden the amusing mate,
Hilarious Sampa the witty man,
Introverted Etsho the adroit learner,
Glittering Gaki the dexterous mom,
Exquisite Ganga the mellowing lady,
Mesmerizing Guru Wangmo the prodigious book lover,
Beaming Jambay the grin creator,
Nifty Jamyang a proficient guy,
Obedient Kencho a compassionate soul installer,
Sparkling Tashi the heart comforter of all.

May the sky of class be filled with joy and ecstasy
With profound thirst of learning
And live happily forever.