Thursday, July 28, 2016

A present tale of Samerchen

I couldn’t share anything on my blog after I graduated from Paro College of Education. I couldn’t update my blog not because I stopped writing but it’s because of the place where I am situated in. It has no internet access till few months ago. I finally come up with a piece about the community and the school I am placed in. I am working as a Teacher in Samerchen ECR and my parent school is Sinchula Primary School. Please read and enjoy the beauty of Samarchen which falls under Darla geog, Chhukha Dzongkhag.

Before the golden rays of sun reaches on the majestic hillock of Samerchen, the people in the community wakes up and prepares for their daily chores. I revere their style of work and perseverance towards their toiling work. They work like a servant putting their fledging heart into the work and live their life like a mogul.
As an alien to the community I was stunned to see two different kind people speaking two different dialects: a Ngalop and a Lhotsam. Although Samerchen has a blend of two diverse cultures, their identity for the village remains same sharing similar ethos. Asking to the elderly people in the village, they say that it has been a century and 2 decades (120 years) since Drukpa has settled and resided in the village and they say that Lhotsam is pretty new to the village. They have inhabited only from late 1930s.  Though one is old and one is new, they share equal pain and adore a sheer joy together with the rays of Gross National Happiness always blooming from one’s heart. The community has a school instituted to support the future eminent leaders with modern education.
The first rays of sun never forget to brighten up the place reflecting its glory in innocent faces. Then flutters the national flag with the zephyr and weightless. Beneath it stand the proud, young nation builders praying hard for the finest wisdom.
Samerchen ECR (Extended Classroom) is a place where children take their first step towards the world of learning. Apart from crafting and sculpturing the prescribed content in one’s mind, here the children are hovered with varieties of etiquette, values and morals. When the student begin their life’s voyage in the school they pick A-B-C-D and reach the stage where they write beautiful sentences and fly with the wings of achievement to the parents school Sinchula. As a nation builder I feel that this is something to be cherished and treasured.

With an obliging people and a fecund school in the community, I feel that I am in the midst of celestial adobe enjoying every beats and pieces of everyday life in Samerchen.

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